10 Celebrities You Won’t Recognize As Black

9.Dwayne Johnson


Popularly referred to as The Rock, Dwayne is among the highest paid actors in his time. He has starred in many films that have rocked the waves all over the world. Being a retired professional wrestler, he has used his strong masculine body to his advantage to get coveted roles in many movies. A lot of people have questioned his ethnicity but in reality, his both black and Samoan from his father and mother respectively.

10.Mariah Carey


Being one of the legends in the music industry, Mariah is a highly paid celebrity estimated to be worth more than $500 million. With her amazing voice, she has managed to remain at the top with several of her singles and albums going platinum. When it comes to her origin, Mariah traces her roots to a number of places. Her father, Alfred Roy Carey was an African-American while her mother was from Venezuela although she was partly Irish.