12 Celebs Who’ll Leave the U.S. Because Donald Trump Won

Many people threatened to leave the U.S. if Donald Trump became the winner in the election. Among them are these twelve celebrities. Their followers are waiting with bated breath to see if the celebs will make good their threat and migrate to another country:

12 Barbra Streisand


Singer Streisand ever intimated in the 60 Minutes Show that she would move from the United States of America should Trump triumph and become president. These were his exact words: “Can’t believe it. I am either coming to your country if you’d let me in or Canada.”

A day after the election, the Canadian immigration website crashed. Could the singer have been among the thousands of anxious citizens seeking a place for asylum in Canada?

11. Bryan Cranston


Bryan Cranston is learning the profundity of the adage “never say never ” the hard way. A month before the U.S. elections were conducted, Bryan was unshakably certain that Trump was bound to lose by a wide margin and, he bet his stay in the U.S. if Trump won. Trump eventually won- people are waiting for him to make good his threat.