14 interesting facts about President-elect Donald Trump

14. Hollywood work of Fame


Apart from being a business mogul, Trump has appeared in different movies and TV shows. Before 2016 campaigns he used to host the Apprentice show, which earned him a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, during the campaigns, the star is reported to have been vandalized by an angry protester.

13. WWE participation


He once appeared in WWE in what was known as the Battle of the billionaires and was up against Vince McMahon, WWE CEO. The match’s agreement entailed shaving the head of the person who lost. Donald Trump won, and Mr. Vince McMahon was forcefully shaved on live television.

12. Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Country





During the campaign, Trump’s slogan has always been “Make America Great Again”. In his argument, he believes most Americans are losing their jobs to foreigners. However, this is ironical in one way or another since he is known to outsource his clothing company jobs to other countries such as China, Mexico, and Even Bangladesh. Additionally, his wife Melania uses labor from China to run her jewelry industry.