14 interesting facts about President-elect Donald Trump

8. He once Invested into the Gaming Industry


Back in 1989, he invested in the gaming industry and had a board game created. The game was named after him, and it had a striking resemblance to the Monopoly game. Despite all the hyping, the game failed to live to its expectation, and it was discontinued soon after.

7. Was Once Accused of violence and rape


The rape and abuse accusations were levied against him by his first wife, Ivan Trump. According to Ivana, Trump forcefully and violent held her arms while pulling her hair and had sex with her against her will.

6. Bankruptcy


In 1991, Trump was facing several lawsuits leveled against him. At the time, he was on the brink of bankruptcy, and he was forced to sell his airline and mega-yacht to offset some of his debts.

5. His earnings were $300,000 per episode of the Apprentice


During his time as the host, the Apprentice enjoyed a lot of success as a TV show. It is touted, per episode Donald Trump was being paid a whopping $375,000.