14 interesting facts about President-elect Donald Trump

4. He is a Billionaire


Even though his net worth is not that clear, Forbes estimates his wealth to around $4.5 billion.

3. At the Age of 27, He had acquired Thousands of Apartments


Donald Trump was brought up in a family of real estate developers. His father, Frederick “Fred” Trump was a property developer, hence by the time Donald was finishing his college Education he had vast knowledge and experience in real estates. This experience would help him become successful at a younger age.

2. He Owns Several Golf Course Around the World


Trump has an investment in luxury golf course around the world. The number of these golf courses is estimated to around 17.

1.Between 1989 to 2010, Trump has donated more funds to Democrats than The Republicans


Despite being a member of the Republicans of an extended period, it is believed that Donald Trump has made more donations towards the Democrats. In 2006, his funding for Obama campaign was believed to have increased.