18-Year-Old Dog given up to shelter seeks solace in a compassionate lady

A sympathetic lady wins the heart of 18 yr old dog handed over to shelter

A short while after being given up to a very engaged institution in California that deals with animal regulation, an 18-year-old dog had nothing to be happy about until a compassionate lady appealed to the dog’s sense of comfort when she decided to embrace the dog. This amazing experience was witnessed at the Baldwin Park Shelter by John Hwang- who has a passion for taking pictures.

muneca-sad-e1476825234898Source: John Hwang / Facebook

John Hwang took note of this encounter
Having experienced a sort of culture shock in a rather peculiar context, the motivation to nurture a secret bond with Elaine was overwhelming making the dog embrace her. She demonstrated the desire to be embraced continuously by the lady.

muneca-elaine-e1476837911631Source: John Hwang / Facebook

Identified as Muneca, this dog, is devoid of the power of sight and has fleas. October 11 is the time it was given up to Baldwin Park Shelter. Be part of transforming the life of this dog for the better by supporting it getting a place to call home. All you need to do is make an effort to create awareness regarding her adoption details.