Look : Top 10 Effective Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancerous growths or tumor is neoplasm usually found in uncontrolled cell division mostly by direct invasion.

Cancer, just like any other ailment can manifest itself in several ways. For a proper diagnosis to be done, you need to go for a microscopic analysis of the tissue cells.

Once a definitive diagnosis is complete, treatment processes such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical operation can commence. Every year, over 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide.

According to research, approximately 23 million people are currently suffering from some form for cancer.

The most common types of cancer growths among women include cervical, colon, and breast tumor. On the other hand, men are mostly affected by prostate, lung and stomach cancers.

Here are the top 10 best ways to prevent various kinds of cancer.

1. Eat a healthy diet



Although making a healthy selection while buying food cannot guarantee prevention, it might enable you to minimize the risks.

If you are careful about your diet, you have lesser chances of getting cancer. First, it’s important to avoid animal fat because they contain harmful substances that are not only dangerous but can also cause cancer.

According to health practitioners, you also need to eat less sugar or totally avoid it if you can. This is because sugar can make your body defenses weak and take away calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin B.