Look : Top 10 Effective Ways to Prevent Cancer

5. Go for screening

To prevent the development of cancer, it’s also very important to see a doctor at least once a year. Cancer is better off when cured in its earlier stages than when it has developed.

For example, after the age of 45 years, as a man, you need to visit a specialist especially if you have problems while urinating.

Some of the common symptoms include frequent urination, difficulty urinating, pain in the loins, blood in the urine and cramps in some parts of the colon.

Since these symptoms might not be specific, it’s important to go for screening if you are suffering from any of these symptoms.

If you are a woman, you can detect the early stages of gynecological cancer if you visit a doctor early.

The sooner the disease is detected the easier the treatment and recovery. Remember, symptoms such as bloated feeling, abnormal bleeding, painful sexual intercourse and difficulty in passing both stool and urine cannot be avoided. The most important thing to do is to go regular examinations.