Shocking Facts about World’s Top Clandestine Muslim Celebrities

4.Shaquille Oneal


He is a top-class basketball player who developed fame recently. His religion is a bit hard to make out since his step-father is a Muslim and the mother is a Baptist. According to him, every religion is the best.

5.Dr. Oz


Dr Oz developed fame soon after he was invited to the Oprah show in 2004, where he stayed for four seasons without even getting a personal talk show. Dr. Oz is a professor at Columbia University and a Harvard graduate. He is son to Turkish immigrants who valued Muslim a lot. Just like the parents, Dr Mehmed Oz values his religion.

6.Busta Rhymes


Trevor Smith, or as familiarly known Busta Rhymes, solemnly values Islamic religion. He publicized his stance about the religion in 2007, when he explained that growth depends on Harlem and it involves diversity of cultures. He made it clear that he embraces the religion of the Arab community, which is Islamic.