Ten Unusual Coca Cola Uses that Will Surprise You!

In the entire history of industrial products, brands and advertising, no other brand beats Coca Cola in popularity and visibility. Indeed, numerous studies have established that, as a word, only “hello” is better known by the human populace than “Coca Cola”!

As the most popular beverage, what this means is that nearly everybody must have drank Coca Cola at least once in their lifetime. That possibility right there is what’s scary and something that should be really alarming to everyone concerned. Why? Because Coca Cola can be quite harmful to our bodies. Its chemical composition is capable of killing our bodies’ metabolism due to the drink’s ultra-high acidity levels. Can you believe that Coca Cola’s acidity is comparable to levels found in battery acid? Yeah, you read it right: BATTERY ACID!

Coca Cola is so corrosive to your stomach lining that it’s literally a poison to it. It’s no wonder that ailments like asthma, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary condition and cardiac arrest have been directly linked to Coca Cola consumption on numerous occasions. The fizzy poison is especially detrimental to kids and youngsters since, rather than complement their bodies’ balanced diet, Coca Cola negatively interferes with it. Further evidence suggests that frequent consumers of the harmful soft drink often find themselves inculcated into being addicted to caffeine, and a deficiency of crucial minerals like vitamin A, calcium and magnesium.

Don’t misunderstand us; we aren’t advocating for a complete banishment of Coca Cola from your life, no, just from your body! In fact, we’ve a compilation of TEN useful — maybe even a bit extraordinary — do-it-yourself (DIY) applications of the carbonated beverage that you can learn and maybe even buy more Coca Cola for the right use. Check them out below:

1) Excellent Stain Removal


With Coca Cola, even the most stubborn stains at home could be a thing of the past! Its carbonic and phosphoric acid components are powerful stain removers. What’s more, it’s much cheaper than the costly stain removers you use daily. Just use it with detergent to wash your clothes and they’ll be both deodorized and stainless.